Is cheapness the only reason we have for buying the krona?

The Swedish krona have been heavily debated 2023. It is a long uphill battle for the krona after that Stefan Ingves under a long time knocked the currency unconscious under his monetary policy experiment. In addition, it is said that risk-takers in the real estate industry, highly indebted households, a heightened threat level and daily shootings weigh on the image of Sweden. Others argue that things are not quite so bad. If investors only get an accurate picture of the situation, the krona will strengthen. The government, the Riksbank and other official representatives should therefore go abroad and nuance the picture, they say. But is it that simple?

Does bank profitability need to improve?

The banks are making more money than ever, driven by higher interest rates. Is it really justified, or should the politicians step in and tax the banks? If you compare the banks’ profitability with other companies, the profitability is relatively normal, and given the uncertainty in the economy, it would be desirable for the banks’ profitability to increase.

Trump, Federal Reserve, Biden, Putin and the coronavirus behind the US banking turmoil

Rodney Alfvén, Head of IR and Transactions at Hallvarsson & Halvarsson, looks at the recent turmoil in the banking sector. What was behind it? What are the lessons to be learned? How can effective and trustworthy communication prevent this kind of collapse? And what does he see as the regulatory consequences?